There is one place on earth that can not be explained in words. You just feel it. 
It starts on the road, through the dramatic descent towards the lowest place in the world. 
Here, the colours are sharper, the nature is wilder, the serenity is deeper, the history is closer and more pulsating and each experience becomes much more powerful.
Here, apparently descending, the feeling of transcendence increases; It is an island of perpetual summer even in the heart of winter; 
Here, you will discover a secluded and forgotten place of refuge that has become the focus of events for significant historical events;
Here, the desert and the sea touch each other and offer you at the same time, activities and challenges that accelerate the pulse as well as endless peace. 
Here, the sun and mud purify the body and the ancient landscape elevates the soul.

This is the land of the Dead Sea- a place that does not play by the rules you knew. The wonderful land of contrasts.


  • Northern Dead Sea
  • Heart of the Dead Sea Land
  • Southern Dead Sea

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  • Mitzpe Shalem
  • Qasr Al Yahud
  • Qumran
  • Ein-Gedi
  • Masada
  • Ein Bokek
  • Sodom


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Southern Dead Sea


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