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On the Dead Sea tourism website you will find the variety of experiences that the lowest place in the world has to offer.
All the tourist centers in the area are concentrated here - accommodation, restaurants, attractions, historical places, workshops, tours, trips and more.
Enter and choose the experiences that interest you the most - you can use the navigation tools on the page and on the map to get to the places.


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  • Mitzpe Shalem
  • Qasr Al Yahud
  • Qumran
  • Ein-Gedi
  • Masada
  • Ein Bokek
  • Sodom


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Found 191 Experiences

Agadir Restaurant

We edited the clip:  AGADIR –  the Dead Sea Branch is coming soon!      Agadir Restaurant is opening on Ein Bokek Beach, in front of the Oasis Hotel, in the Tamar  Regional Council, Dead Sea.  This is the 14th branch for the successful chain, which now offers a beach restaurant and  bar in a space encompassing over 350 square meters for the benefit of locals and tourists  alike.   The hamburger establishment was designed by Uri Ben Dor and is characterized by its  modern, innovative, and young design.  The menu includes the chain’s standard hamburger menu, with a special changing menu  offering excellent dishes alongside a wide selection of alcohol and soft drinks.   The restaurant is located on the promenade of the central beach  in Ein Bokek and is open to hotel guests, area residents, and  tourists who want to enjoy good food and music in a charming  atmosphere. 
Attractions and Workshops

Agricultural Tours - Jenny Even

Unique Agriculture in a Unique Place  ●Unique geography - A desert with the lowest point on    earth with a history of agricultural settlements despite    the harsh climate, floods, and seasonal change.    ●An international border between Jordan and Israel with    a border crossing and land for water exchanges.    ●High-tech agriculture unique to the landscape with a    method invented in Israel to deal with the brackish and    salty water and air through drip technology and    computer analysis.    ●A visit to the date groves and an explanation of this    wonderful fruit.    ●A visit to the “Research and Development” station of    Sodom Square, along with an explanation of the    experimental methods and a visit to a greenhouse.    ●Option to visit the location’s one-of-a-kind galleries:    Jojo and Esti Galleries 
Outside of the Box
Duration: 02:00 hours

Agricultural Tours – Korin's Home

An agricultural tour for groups and families in the agricultural fields of Kikar Sodom. The tour is accompanied by stories and...
Outside of the Box
Duration: 02:00 hours

All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) – the Dead Sea

Off-road driving in high-quality SUVs: RZRs ("razors"), ATVs ("all-terrain vehicles) and jeeps. An adventure that combines the unique nature of...
Rural Accommodation
Duration: 08:00 hours

Almog Resort

Almog Resort is a green island at the opening of the Judean Desert, situated a short distance from the northern...
Rural Accommodation
Duration: 08:00 hours

Aloni Neve Zohar

Aloni Neve Zohar has 10 hospitality units - solid, fully equipped and well-groomed. The level of cleanliness is top priority...
Duration: 01:00 hours


The "Aroma" chain started out as an idea in the minds of two young Jerusalemites, who dreamed of an Israeli...
Rural Accommodation

Asulin’s House

Yossi’s guest rooms in Neve Zohar are suitable for anyone looking for a quiet and relaxing  get-away.  The units are equipped with everything you’ll need for a long or short stay. Each unit has a  well-maintained seating area, where you can rest and enjoy views of the Dead Sea.  Whether you're here for trekking, medicinal treatments, a couples' vacation, or just to take  in the serenity of the Dead Sea, Yossi will be happy to help make your stay a pleasant one.  There are 2 units in the complex.​ 1 unit for couples​ 1 unit for families (up to 5 guests) 
Duration: 08:00 hours

Badolina Ein-Gedi Camping

In the book "Badolina" by Gabi Nitzan, Badolina is a tiny kingdom in a secret place that advocates freedom, love,...
Nature Reserves and National Parks
Duration: 02:00 hours

Baptismal Site - Qasr Al Yahud

The modest sight of the Jordan River in this section, hides behind it some of the greatest stories of Judaism...

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