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Ilana Zamshtein, a veteran of Ein Tamar, is full of knowledge, humor and love for people and for the place in which she lives.

Her stories are filled with so much content, you can’t help but listen eagerly.

Ilana leads story and music workshops, she graduated from a full course of study at ‘Golem’ – the multidisciplinary center for storytellers.

She has lived in the desert for 30 years and, every day, collects stories and anecdotes from all periods of time and in all shades and hues.

A fascinating experience, suitable for groups and individuals, alike. The stories are especially suited to the audience; whether children, special events, family gatherings, or any other occasion.

The location itself can be booked or, alternatively, a private car or bus tour can be arranged.

You can choose from a variety of options, or design your own event according to your own specific requirements, depending on the nature of the gathering:

  • A show called “To the Desert”
  • A show tailored specifically to your requirements – Holidays, age groups, etc.
  • “Stories and Hats” workshop – each participant brings a hat with its own story, and the hat encourages storytelling, familiarity and interaction.


The “To the Desert” show, invites you on a journey through landscapes and legends. This is a fascinating storytelling show, from the perspective of the desert dwellers themselves. About the Bedouin and his never-ending coffee, about sweet watermelon that grows from salty water, about mysterious plants and potions, and about how to find happiness – or perhaps you already have!

A collective show that, through local landscapes and legends, invites you to become familiar with the desert dwellers and the hidden charm in the nature of the place.

The show combines theatrics, humor and true stories. Suitable primarily for adults, but children are also welcome. It can take place in a closed hall or in an open space. Designed for groups, by appointment.

Show duration is approximately 50 minutes.

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