Our Story

There is one place in the world that cannot be described in words. You just have to feel it. It already begins on the way there – on the dramatic descent to the lowest point on earth.

Deep down beneath sea-level, a unique sense of transcendence begins and gradually increases, meter by meter. And when you finally arrive here, you’ll begin to realize that you have to leave logic behind, and simply surrender yourself…

Welcome to the Dead Sea Land. A place that doesn’t play by the rules you knew…

This is a region that combines the greatest contrasts in Nature. An island of constant summer in the heart of winter, a place where the sun is good and the mud purifies. An arid desert in the heart of which is a wondrous sea, filled with healing properties. A sea that allows you to float peacefully, surrounded by an extraordinary, ancient landscape. A secluded getaway that has served, throughout history, as a spiritual center and cradle of religions.

The Dead Sea Land is an enchanting microcosm in which the sun, the sea and the desert mountains meet.

A place where colors are sharper, Nature is wilder, tranquility is deeper, where history draws closer, and where every experience becomes much greater.

The northern tip of the Dead Sea is a 25-minute drive from Jerusalem, and its southern tip is approximately two hours from the center of the country. Not so far in distance, yet the Dead Sea Land is a world apart…

Aside from being the lowest point on earth and, thus, different from anywhere else, this region contains a diverse landscape spanning a scenic road that takes only about one and a half hours to drive, from end to end.

Along this route – the lowest in the world – you can visit iconic places such as Qasr al-Yahud, Qumran, Ein Gedi, Masada, Ein Bokek and Sodom. Each place tells a story whose roots are deeply planted in history, and whose effect is still felt strongly, to this day. 

Throughout time, the names of many characters have been linked to the Dead Sea Land. Jesus and John the Baptist, Cleopatra (who viewed the Dead Sea as a site of healing), David hiding from Shaul, the story of Abraham and Lot, famous scholars such as Christopher Costigan and Thomas Howard Molyneux, King Herod and others.

The Dead Sea Land tells a rich story of ancient heritage, exploration, settlement in extreme conditions, groundbreaking agriculture and industry, thriving tourism, and local communities that spice up the experience with extraordinary authenticity.

A trip or vacation to the Dead Sea Land will contain many treasures, for both body and soul. We hope that you will discover them, and their own special uniqueness.  


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