Almog Resort

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Almog Resort is a green island at the opening of the Judean Desert, situated a short distance from the northern Dead Sea coast, facing a breathtaking desert landscape.

The resort combines the comfort of a hotel holiday with the unique character of rural accommodation. The village has 80 guest rooms suitable for families, couples and individuals.

All rooms are air-conditioned and are highly equipped. Around the lodges are green meadows, aged ornamental trees stunning in their appearance, and wide-open spaces that will open your heart.

The quiet and beauty emanating from the village lend a perfect setting for family events: Shabbat Hatan (when the groom-to-be recites a blessing in the synagogue), Circumcision ceremony, Bar Mitzvah ceremony (coming-of-age) and any other family event in a romantic, calm and pastoral atmosphere.

General details about the place
  • Accessible for Disabled
  • Air Conditioning/ Heating
  • BBQ Corner
  • Courtyard/terrace
  • Free Parking
  • Non-Smoking Room
  • Outdoor Seating Corners
  • Shared Pool
  • Suitable for families
  • Towels/Bedding
  • TV
  • WIFI
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Contact us
Email| Address| Kibbutz Almog
Phone|02-9945201 Hours of Activity|

Every day of the week, booking in advance.

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