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Allan is a certified tour guide and experienced tour-driver, whose goal is to enlighten people on the charm and wonder of our desert.

Allan takes broad, historical knowledge – with an emphasis on the importance of the desert over the years – and serves it to travelers in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. But he makes sure it’s captivating and full of “wow”!

Tours on which you’ll discover the amazing beauty of the region and Nature’s adaptation and survivability in these arid conditions. Furthermore, you’ll understand the strong attraction that has drawn people to the area since ancient times, and the region’s impact on our development.

Allan works in the area from Arad to Masada, Ma’ale Yair, Neve Zohar – Mount Sodom, Pratzim stream, and more…

With an abundance of knowledge and his love for the desert, Allan believes he can bring you something new and make your trip unique.

All that’s left now, is to give it a try and enjoy!

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