Nahal Tamar – Nahal Tzafit

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The Nahal Tamar/Nahal Tzafit trail, is a fascinating and challenging route with ladders, ropes, rock-stairs and, of course, a lookout-point with a beautiful view of the Dead Sea and the Arava desert valley.

The trail is circular and begins at the Tamar drilling site, adjacent to the Arava Junction gas station.

At the beginning of the track, we’ll turn right at the green-marked path into the stream. We’ll begin to climb until reaching the ladders that will take us up to the ridge, which extends to the Small Crater. The ascent on the ladders is fun and challenging. But – don’t look down!

When reaching the top, we’ll continue on the green-marked path until meeting up with the blue-marked path. We’ll continue walking for about 30 minutes, until the path diverges into a black-marked trail leading into Nahal Tzafit. This trail will lead us back eastwards, towards the Dead Sea.

The walk back also takes about half an hour and, all along the route, you will be using ladders and recesses in order to cross steep passage-ways.

The exit from Nahal Tzafit will connect us to the red-marked path, that progresses along Route 90, back to the gas station/drilling-site.

  • Trail Length: approx. 3 kms
  • Trip Duration: approx. 4 hours, due to the character of the trail and the relatively slow walking speed.
  • Suited to challenge-seekers, but not especially difficult.
  • Recommended Season: Spring/Autumn/Winter
  • Trail Map # 14
  • Starting/Ending Point: adjacent to the Arava Junction gas station, on Route 90.


It is very important to pay attention to weather reports. It is prohibited to enter the trails when there is a fear of flash-flooding.

The itinerary, as described above, is a recommendation only, and those who choose to take this trip do so at their own discretion and responsibility. The Regional Councils will not be held accountable in the event of any adverse consequences that may ensue.

General details about the place
  • Degree of difficulty – medium
  • Free Entry
  • Requirement for Ancillary Equipment
  • Round trip
  • Suitable alone
  • Suitable for families
  • Walking trail
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