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The northern Dead Sea is an area with a distinctly international nature. It is fascinating in its combination of ancient heritage, clement neighborliness between Jews and Arabs, and its closeness to the Capital - Jerusalem. From the Land of the Monasteries near Qasr al Yahud, to Qumran, from the northern shores of the Dead Sea Land to holiday villages on kibbutzim, the past and the present fuse to create a magic that is hard to describe in words.




The Heart of the Dead Sea, as its name suggests, is the beating heart of the Dead Sea Land – the place of King David, and of countless springs emanating from the earth. This area is known for its abundant Nature Reserves: Einot Tzukim Reserve and Ein Gedi - the only settlement in the world planned as a Botanical Garden - and many other attractions alongside diverse accommodation options of all levels.


Desert Heights




This part of the Dead Sea Land is known for its dominant "fire" component. From the sulfur rocks at Masada and Sodom, to the lively tourist and hotel complex in Ein Bokek and Hamei Zohar, you will find diverse content of great interest. Heritage sites alongside extreme sports attractions, well-kept beaches and a new promenade, indulgent hotels and Spa centers, zimmers, lodges and rural khans, are just some of what the southern Dead Sea Land has to offer.

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Qasr el Yahud North Qumran Heart Ein Gedi Desert Masada Har Amasa Ein Bokek South Sodom Mitspe Shalem Arad
  • Jerusalem

    Approx. half an hour from northern Dead Sea
  • Tel Aviv

    Approx. one and a half hours from Arad
  • Ben Gurion Airport

    Approx. one and a half hours from Ein Bokek
  • Eilat

    Approx. two hours from Sodom

Public Transportation

Public Transport

From Jerusalem and the Surrounding Area:

Egged Line Number 444, 486

From Tel Aviv and the Center

Egged Line Number 421

From Be’er Sheva:

Egged Line Number 384

From Eilat:

Egged Line Number 444


It is recommended to keep-up-to-date with changes in the operating hours of the lines on Egged’s Official Website


Yossi Chehanover

Yossi is a qualified and professional taxi driver, a member of Kibbutz Ein Gedi

Telephone: 050-4085000

Transfers from the Dead Sea to Ben Gurion Airport, transfers from Ben Gurion Airport to the Dead Sea area.

Advice and transportation to attractive tourist centers in the Dead Sea region and throughout the country, personal equipment and package transportation service.


Doron Schwartz

Reliable and professional taxi service at fair prices.

Telephone: 052-8808994

Transportation all over the Dead Sea Land and beyond to major urban centers.

Transfers from Ben Gurion Airport to the Dead Sea, and vice versa.

By Car

To get to the north of the Dead Sea from Jerusalem/Tel Aviv:

Drive on Route 1, turn right at the Beit Ha’Arava Junction onto Route 90.


To get to the south of the Dead Sea, via Route 6 or 4:

Drive up to the Shoket Junction, turn right onto Route 31 and continue to Zohar Junction.

From there you can reach the settlements of Kikar Sodom or Ein Bokek, and the northern Dead Sea region.

To Kikar Sodom – Turn right onto Route 90, southbound.

To Ein Bokek and the northern Dead Sea – continue straight on Route 90, northbound.


Arrival from Eilat:

Drive on Route 90 to Zohar Junction and turn right, continuing on Route 90


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