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Dead Sea Land

The tourism departments of the Tamar & Megilot Regional Council, work together as a management and marketing body for Dead Sea Land tourism, through a dedicated team engaged in marketing, events and various projects. The well-known flagship events are the Tamar Festival, the Dead Sea Land Marathon, Hagadid Festival (commemorating the end of the Date Harvesting season), rural festivals such as Sodom & Amora (Love) and more. During the course of the year, the tourism management team participates in tourist fairs throughout Israel and around the world. Each year, it hosts the Annual Dead Sea Land Tourism Conference at the Dead Sea Research Institute based in Masada. All of this, in order to improve development of the tourism product in the area, so that You – the visitors – will have the best visiting experience possible.

The official tourist site of the Dead Sea Land is regularly updated and includes a constant connection to the area and everything it has to offer. Despite the aforementioned, this site does not serve as a booking engine and, therefore, you will not find prices or immediate availability relating to its existing offerings. This site serves as an up-to-date image and informative database, through which you can plan your vacation in the Dead Sea Land and contact the various business owners, directly. In addition, you can enjoy our content world, which includes press articles and local bloggers’ coverage, to help you with spicy tips for the perfect trip.

You are welcome to contact us with any questions you may have.

Wishing you a great vacation!

The Dead Sea Land Tourist Team


You’re invited to contact us with any questions


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