GoJump Skydiving - Dead Sea / Masada

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Do you dream of flying?
You have the opportunity to reach the loftiest heights, up to 15,000 feet above the ground, and to fly for real.
Skydiving from this high-point above the country, down to the lowest point on earth. A unique parachuting experience that combines spectacular landscapes and professional guides that make skydiving an experience that cannot be forgotten!

The experience will begin with a meeting with the personal skydiving guide and, from there, after getting organized, training and then… off you go! To the plane that will take off for a magnificent flight through the skies of the region, where you can look down on the Dead Sea, Judean Desert, Masada and many places in Israel and Jordan, from a great height.
At the skydiving altitude that you choose, you’ll open the plane door and feel a blast of cool breeze. Then you’ll jump out into a breathtaking free-fall until the parachute opens. You’re guaranteed an incredible free-fall and a lot of adrenaline at 200 km/hour!
After the parachute opens, you will experience an amazing silence like never before, a slow and quiet drift above the calming desert landscape to a soft landing, in front of family and friends watching the activity from the ground.
No previous experience is required and anyone aged 12 or over, who is in good health and without physical limitations, can try it out.

So come on, pick up the phone and make reservations for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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Email|Masada@sky-jump.co.il Address| Bar-Yehuda Landing Strip, Route 90, Dead Sea (at the foothills of Mount Masada)
Phone|08-3006590 Hours of Activity|

all year round, booking in advance

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