Ambassadors of the lowest route

We call them “Ambassadors.” They’re the people of the Dead Sea because, those who live here are not merely residents or regular folk.

They’re the people who belong to this place, and who are simply in love with it.

Thanks to them, the Dead Sea Land has so much to offer travelers and vacationers – lone tourists, families, romantic couples or groups. Jeep tours, anyone? A walk? Camel rides, maybe? One of the people from the Dead Sea Land will provide you with the authentic experience and an intimate acquaintance with the land. If you opt for an artist’s workshop, you’ll learn about local materials and be filled with inspiration that can be found only in this place. If you prefer a delectable meal with local wines, you’ll hear stories around the table from your hosting chef. If you want a boat ride, you’ll discover charming spots that can’t be reached alone, or in any other way.

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  • שגרירי היסטוריה


  • מסלולי טבע וגנים לאומיים
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Southern Dead Sea
שגרירי היסטוריה

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