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Ambassadors of the lowest route

We call them “Ambassadors.” They’re the people of the Dead Sea because, those who live here are not merely residents or regular folk.

They’re the people who belong to this place, and who are simply in love with it.

Thanks to them, the Dead Sea Land has so much to offer travelers and vacationers – lone tourists, families, romantic couples or groups. Jeep tours, anyone? A walk? Camel rides, maybe? One of the people from the Dead Sea Land will provide you with the authentic experience and an intimate acquaintance with the land. If you opt for an artist’s workshop, you’ll learn about local materials and be filled with inspiration that can be found only in this place. If you prefer a delectable meal with local wines, you’ll hear stories around the table from your hosting chef. If you want a boat ride, you’ll discover charming spots that can’t be reached alone, or in any other way.

Ambassadors to show

  • Historical Ambassadors
  • Local Ambassadors


  • 4X4 off-road trips
  • Agricultural tours
  • Art and Crafts
  • Beauty, body and soul
  • Bikes
  • Brewery
  • Camel rides
  • Catering services
  • Convenience store
  • Creative and music workshops
  • Lodging
  • Nature trails and National parks
  • Points of interest along the way
  • Restaurants and hospitality around the dining table
  • Rural accommodation
  • Sailing
  • Tour guide
  • Wineries
Found 34 Ambassadors
Historical Ambassadors
Duration: 03:00 hours

Baptismal Site - Qasr Al Yahud

The modest sight of the Jordan River in this section, hides behind it some of the greatest stories of Judaism...
Duration: 02:00 hours

Chef Guy Pistrov

This nomadic chef came to Arad after years of culinary journeys in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, and cooking for...
Duration: 02:00 hours

Dead Sea Bikes

Bike Tours in the Northern Dead Sea Area (Training/Renting) A bike trip on a unique route between Matzok HaEtekim and the...
Local Ambassadors
Duration: 06:00 hours

Desert Hiking Guide

For the last 15 years, Asaf Hershtig lives and breathes the desert and its possible to say that, there aren’t...
Historical Ambassadors
Duration: 03:00 hours

Ein Bokek

The trail to Ein Bokek, in the Bokek Stream, is an enchanting experience in the Dead Sea Land, and is...
Historical Ambassadors
Duration: 03:00 hours

Ein-Gedi Nature Reserve

Ein-Gedi is a mythological name. It's a name that, when hearing it, memories immediately come to mind of the annual...
Local Ambassadors
Duration: 02:00 hours

Electric Bike Tours – Midbar-E

'An electrifying experience out in the field', amazing location bike tours in the Dead Sea Land, with professional and compelling...
Local Ambassadors
Duration: 01:00 hours

Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island, one of the world's most advanced entertainment and fantasy complexes, invites you to an experiential and bonding family...
Local Ambassadors
Duration: 01:00 hours

Gil Caspi – Workshops for the Soul

Gil is a very special character indeed. With infectious laughter and a huge love of the desert, he offers a...
Local Ambassadors
Duration: 01:30 hours

Jeepers Desert Jeep Tours

Allan is a certified tour guide and experienced tour-driver, whose goal is to enlighten people on the charm and wonder...

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