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Gil is a very special character indeed. With infectious laughter and a huge love of the desert, he offers a wide range of memorable activities, from photography workshops to drumming workshops. It will most definitely not be boring!

Gil knows the Dead Sea region extremely well and, by prior arrangement, the activity can be turned into a different, diverse and special experience.

Phototherapy Workshop:
Photography for any purpose and event, photography tours, photography workshops, phototherapy workshops, sales of rare and special pictures.

A special activity that provides real quality-time for communication, connection and proximity, from a place of new and true observation.  This activity uses photography as a space for reality and occurrence. The activity is based on two main focal-points: –

1.Active photography

2.Using existing photographs. The activity is especially suitable for team-building events (family, friends, organizations, committees…).

Drumming with Gil
A drum circle, rhythmic activity, drumming and music.

An exciting drumming circle/workshop that will sweep you into a world of sounds and rhythms. Rhythmic games, challenges, singing, dancing, lots of laughter… and Gil.

Recommended and suitable for any group or event: Consolidation and enrichment days for children, youth and adults | Family Celebrations | Private and Community Events | Holidays | Birthdays | Happenings and Special Days | Seminars for educators and staff. 

By booking in advance, you can combine a cool musical performance with the accompaniment of singing, dancing and other instruments (guitar, etc…).

The business is located in Ein Gedi, but can also become ‘mobile’ and reach spots throughout the entire Dead Sea region, and anywhere else.

It can adapt itself to any type and character of group or event. 

By prior arrangement, a musical performance and collective sing-along can be combined.

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