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Minus 430 Art Gallery

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The “Minus 430” Gallery offers a different and diverse perspective on life in the Dead Sea region.

The project was established in March 2018, and comprises 35 artists from Israel and abroad.

The Gallery is an open space of art, statement and scenery, in abandoned buildings on the northern shores of the Dead Sea.

In the gallery, you will be exposed to the point of view of life in the area and to various diverse topics that preoccupy us all.

Saving the Dead Sea, the animals and the nature of the region, and the coexistence that prevails between the inhabitants of the area, which consists of a mosaic of all the three monotheistic religions… These are some of the issues that the gallery seeks to discuss, and does so via fascinating and unique art.

You can visit at night, but be careful…

General details about the place
Location on the map
Contact us
Email|[email protected] Address| at the entrance to the beach complex at the northern part of the Dead Sea
Hours of Activity|

all year round, 24/7

Leave details and we will get back to you
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