Yonat Midbar (Desert Dove) - A Natural Pharmacy

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Yonat, a resident of Moshav Har Amasa in the Yatir forest area near Arad, combines her love of the desert and forest with natural and traditional pharmaceutical techniques.

In her studio in the Artists Quarter of Arad, Yonat has a workshop and produces solid soaps and various other products. She uses 100% natural ingredients, which include the highest quality locally sourced herbs and minerals.

You can take natural pharmaceutical workshops in her studio by appointment. The workshops are family friendly and will teach you how to prepare natural pharmaceutical products. Kids will especially enjoy the aromatic smells and working with different types of material.

It’s also possible to combine a tour of the desert and Yatir Forest so as to identify and collect medicinal plants. The tour is easy and family friendly. Reservations must be arranged in advance.

There are also other artists, workshops, and studios in Arad. Furthermore, Yonat’s studio displays the mosaic and glass works of the talented artist Heli Cohen-Hasson. You’ll also find a brewery, winery, coffee shops, and other surprises in the area.

Everyone is welcome!

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Email|yonatmor@gmail.com Address| 17 Sadan Street, Artists Quarter, Arad
Phone|052-5307616 Hours of Activity|

Sunday - Thursday: 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Friday and Saturday need to be arranged in advance

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