Metzoke Dragot - Travelers Village

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The Travelers Village at Metzoke Dragot invites you to a unique experience that already begins on the way there. A ride along a winding road with a spectacular landscape in every corner, around the next bend the picture is amazing and at the bend after that, you simply have to stop in order to witness the special view… As you continue to ascend up and away from the Dead Sea, you’ll realize that you’ve reached one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Welcome to the Travelers Village at Metzoke Dragot!

The Travelers Village is surrounded by 360 degrees of open spaces – mountains that rise up and embrace all of the surrounding beauty and look down upon the turquoise-blue sea, whose tints and tones create a picture that is simply priceless.

Within the village there are a variety of accommodation options – camping complexes, simple and modest hostel rooms, fully equipped apartments, “glamping” tents and a unique, single “seafront” room!

In addition, you can enjoy our U-shaped café-bar with a special ambience, looking out over an enchanting view.

In the Complex:

52 hostel rooms

4 guest apartments (two bedrooms and living room, 80 sqm)

1 room facing the sea

Desert Camping (you can pitch your private tent, or rent shared desert tents and tents for families or couples)

10 “Glamping” tents (boutique tents for couples)

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