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Fire and Material Workshops in the Lowest Place on Earth

In Moshav Neot HaKikar, in the unique desert landscape, is the studio of Esti Barak, an artist who creates using ceramics and materials.

Esti holds a degree in art and ceramics. She founded, in a large hangar, a studio filled with inspiration.

At the entrance to the hangar, your eyes will be captivated by the exterior wall of the building, where Esti’s works invite you inside, into the studio full of different ovens, art everywhere you look, and amazing tools.

The studio also has a museum-like display of products from international workshops that have been held in the studio during the last 21 years. Furthermore, there are items for sale – the fruit of Esti’s magical hands – whose creations are inspired by local agriculture and the unique landscape of Neot HaKikar.
Even the glaze she uses, she produces herself from local clay.

Under Esti’s direction, the workshops are an experience suitable for everyone.

Decorative Ceramics Workshop using Fire and Smoke
An experience of fire and smoke – pottery-decoration in a unique creative experience, using material and ceramics. The workshop combines creation with a surprising technique and a beautiful tactile souvenir in shades of black and white.

Raku Ware Workshop – Ceramic Decoration using Japanese wood-firing
Raku – is a traditional Japanese pottery-firing method. The workshop uses this unique technique that gives you a visual experience and a colorful souvenir to take home.

Workshop duration: ~ two hours
5-30 participants

Workshops can be coordinated during the day or night, and can even be combined with a meal, light snacks or accommodation in the “Neot Camping” complex, established by Esti and located in the area outside of the studio.

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From the High Holiday Period in September/October until end of May, booking in advance.

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