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For the last 15 years, Asaf Hershtig lives and breathes the desert and its possible to say that, there aren’t many who convey it quite like he does.

The experience that Asaf offers – the very essence of a man on a journey – is an experience of depth and discovery, of courage and openness.

His ‘playground’ – the desert level – provides pleasant surprises and those who travel with him, praise him with positive acclaim.

Friends recount – a night in the desert with your child.
“Everyone’s looking for something. Something that they’ve lost, or have even forgotten that they once had… Simplicity, for example. The desert has this in abundance! And in this desert simplicity, without cellular communication and social networks, you can discover things. I re-discovered the young boy inside myself. Then I looked at my own child beside me, and felt a nostalgic connection… We were three couples, we traveled the same route, on the same adventure, yet each one of us experienced it completely differently, in his own way. As far as Asaf was concerned, it was an experiment for a new kind of journey. A navigational quest to find yourself, or something like that. And I think the experiment succeeded! And I’d love for you to try it also”. Nadav Ziv

Asaf offers a wide range of trips for couples, families, parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, and more… All with a connecting thread of human contact through simplicity and common discovery.

This ideal travel experience includes a dusk departure and, for about 4 to 6 hours, walking in darkness illuminated by wondrous moonlight.

A hike, a campfire, and a creatively self-prepared desert meal, are just some of the things that await you.

A compelling experience worth trying out!

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