The Persimmon Farm

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Join us on a romantic adventure spiced with ancient fragrances. Visit the Persimmon, Mor and Frankincense plantations and see how the glory of the distant past is being resurrected.

Today, Persimmon farms near Kibbutz Almog, grow the world’s largest Persimmon plantation, as well as an experimental plantation of Frankincense trees, and Moringa trees. In addition, the farm has a rare and unique collection of dozens of species of Mor and Frankincense trees, incense plants used in the ancient Temple, biblical perfume-plants and dozens of species of perfume and healing plants and trees, and other desert flora.
You are invited to become acquainted with the biblical Persimmon shrub, to meet the Mor and Frankincense trees, to smell the desert perfume-plants, to sip a special infusion, to light aromatic incense, to become intoxicated by the fragrance of ancient perfumes and discover a lifetime’s achievement – a romantic, innocent dream that is coming true.

*Tours of the farm are by appointment only (Guy- 052-4498200) in groups of 20 or more participants.

*The tour takes approximately one, to one and a half hours, and includes a specially brewed infusion.

*An workshop on ancient cosmetics can also be conducted. The workshop takes approximately one and a half, to two hours, and upon completion, each participant will receive a natural preparation of ancient cosmetics that we will formulate together.

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