The Dead Sea Land Marathon

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Dead Sea Land Marathon – New circular running routes around the southern basin of the Dead Sea

Ein Bokek

Come and run on the water in the lowest place in the world!

Competition Sections:

  • 5 kms – a comfortable route for beginners to experience the race
  • 10 kms – a race along the new Dead Sea Promenade – this section is named after Tomer and Giora Ron.
  • 1 kms half-marathon – a fast, flat track crossing the Dead Sea ramparts.
  • 42 kms marathon – a fast race around the southern shore of the Dead Sea, with up to 21 kms on the ramparts.
  • 50 kms ultra-marathon – Israeli Championship with a distance of 50 kms in conjunction with the Israeli Athletics Association.

*Cash prizes will be awarded to the overall winners in the four long segments.

We are proud to present an upgraded running concept, offering an exciting experience for participants in all the races. All routes set off eastwards, straight into the sea, on a limestone rampart that has never been stepped on, and which has been tailored especially for you. The routes are circular, with minimal back-tracking on the paths already run, and with minimal running on asphalt.

The gathering area and starting-line is also renewed, and the entire event will begin from the artificial island opposite the Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel. The new complex will have a parking lot for incoming cars, a kit distribution station and a coffee and water station for the runners.

The race’s new track character creates a better running experience:

  • Everyone runs on the sea – the short and medium routes also have the unique experience of running in the middle of the sea.
  • Circular route – planned tracks with minimal repetition of sections already run. Additions of more prolific drinking stations.
  • Route 90 remains open – the starting-line leading directly into the sea allows Route 90 to stay open, and eases access on one of the country’s most important transport-arteries.
  • 5 kms track – The new route plan also opens the option of a short section for those experimenting with the running experience.
  • Convenient parking – a huge parking complex adjacent to the starting-line area, about 1.5 km from the finishing-line.

As mentioned above, the highlight of the race is to run into the sea on the border rampart of the Dead Sea Works surrounding the southern part of the Dead Sea. Only once a year security permits can be obtained to ascend the ramparts, and the runners are able to see the breathtaking views that have, until now, been preserved only for Dead Sea factory workers or members of the security forces.

 The ramparts serve as the boundary area between the Israeli Dead Sea and the Jordanian Dead Sea areas. They act as a fenceless border between the countries, where a common and peaceful daily routine is maintained between the two sides. The track is mostly on a pressed, flat, limestone area. The event will be secured by security forces and the military.

The race is being held with the assistance and support of the Israel Chemicals Company, the Dead Sea Drainage Authority and the Dead Sea Preservation Government Company Ltd.

In addition,

  • Vacation Packages – special benefits for runners in a variety of Ein Bokek hotels.
  • A weekend full of experiences – a free children’s race, sunset yoga, Friday after-party, and a liberating race on Saturday.
  • EXPO – a professional, well-planned fair with all the best sports and lifestyle
  • International Event – a colorful Happening alongside hundreds of runners from all over the world.
  • Professionalism – the race is accredited with the AIMS Standard and approved by the Israeli Athletics Association. The race-lengths have been measured by an authorized Measurer.

The Dead Sea Land Marathon bloomed from the foundations of the veteran Ein Gedi Race which, for over 30 years, hosted thousands of runners. It served as an anchorage-point in the annual race-calendar of amateurs and professionals from all over the country, who became addicted to the magical landscapes and desert silence. In continual remembrance, the event’s 10 km race-section will be dedicated to the memory of Tomer and Giora Ron – sons of Kibbutz Ein Gedi.

The production of the race is in cooperation with the Dead Sea Hotels Union and offers attractively priced accommodation packages at a variety of Ein Bokek hotels, including packages for one night only. Some hotels have medical centers specializing in medical tourism.

The Dead Sea Land Marathon has been awarded with professional recognition and is accredited with the AIMS Standard – Association of International Marathons and Distance Races – and approved by the Israel Athletics Association. The measurement of track distances is conducted by an authorized Measurer. In cooperation with the Association, we hold the Israel Championship for 50 km – the only allocator of its kind in the country!

Tamar Regional Council and the Production Forum company, invite runners to take part in the international marathon that has established itself as a compulsory race on the Israeli racing calendar! The race takes place along the track that surrounds and crosses the Dead Sea, alongside ancient salt crystals, facing the enchanting desert landscapes in the famous desert silence.

Organizers: the Forum Productions Company, acting on behalf of the Tamar Regional Council.

Tourism: International Corporation, 03-7610793/826,

Professional Fair Management and Presenters: Tasya Aylon – Sport Expo Company –

Prices: Registration prices will range from NIS 110 to NIS 340, depending upon the allocated racing-section requested, and the time of registration.

Thanks to: Israel Chemicals Company, Dead Sea Drainage Authority, Dead Sea Preservation Government Company Ltd., Veridis Israel and Ein Gedi Mineral Water Company.

Additional details can be found on the event’s website –

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Ein Bokek Promenade
Photo by:Dead Sea Marathon - 2020 SportPhotography Photo: Tomer Feder
Photo by:SportPhotography Photo: Tomer Feder
Photo by:Dead Sea Marathon - 2020 SportPhotography Photo: Tomer Feder
Photo by:SportPhotography Photo: Tomer Feder
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