The Tamar Festival

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Tamar Festival

Festival Tamar – 20 years old – is a flagship Israeli cultural festival that has been in existence for 20 years, with the finest artists!

The festival is initiated by the Tamar Regional Council and the Productions Forum company. It takes place in the Natural Cultural Arena – at the foot of the famous Mount Masada.

In addition to the Natural Cultural Arena – and the rural area comprising the council’s settlements, Ein Gedi and Kikar Sodom – the council also hosts artists and invites the region’s B&B guests, and local residents, to a superb musical evening.

 At the Tamar Festival, the desert wears holiday colors and adorns itself with an artists playbill of your deams!

Each year, the Tamar Festival shines with collaborations and original productions comprising inspiration and extraordinary connections in Israeli music. All of this to the backdrop of breathtaking, natural desert decor. Plus, the famous sunrise concerts which have become icons in Israeli culture.

The festival is well-known for embracing a diversity of Israeli music and is a cultural mirror.

 Four days of Israeli celebration alongside unforgettable collaborations and unique original productions.

The festival takes place annually, during Chol HaMoed of the Sukkot Holiday. And, true to its name (Tamar in Hebrew = Date), the Tamar Festival celebrates the end of the date harvesting season. The season that brings with it that sweet, exquisite, healthy fruit – the date, which is so characteristic of the Dead Sea Land.

The Tamar Festival – a celebration of music and culture.

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Masada National Park
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