Mount Amasa Festival

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Festival at Mount Amasa

Mount Amasa is a cooperative ecological village located at an altitude of approx. 850 meters above sea level, at the edge of the Yatir Forest – the largest planted pine forest in the country.

The special view from Mount Amasa reaches many parts of the Dead Sea Land and, on clear days, you can even see Masada protruding over the horizon.

Mount Amasa is home to a warm, qualitative community that emphasizes the education of values, love of the country, and a significant vision to make the Negev desert flourish and bloom.

In recent years, the community of Mount Amasa has experienced entrepreneurial fruition. This covers many areas, including: art and creativity, body and soul treatments, challenging trips, tours with fascinating stories in cooperation with the Israel Antiquities Authority, local culinary art, and more…

The Mount Amasa Festival is the annual flagship festival of the Mount Amsha community and, as such, collects all the rich local content into one joint celebration.

The tradition of the festival is to combine diverse local content during the day, with live performances in the evening. Thus, it creates two days of unique rural experience, in a festival abounding with rich content.

The Amasa Festival – Content

A two-day enchanting experience in a fairytale forest – The Yatir Forest at Mount Amasa.
Local artists and creators, tours of the ancient Roman road, music ,movement and cuisine.
A variety of shows and content experiences, unique to festival guests –
A musical story, a pantomime adventure, live music and performances.

Within the framework of the festival, guests will be invited to enjoy a variety of workshops and unique local activities of Mount Amasa’s residents:

“Dancing Qi Gong” – free-flow movement, a creation from Nature, fluid art workshop, fragrant and magical mobile workshop, a walk in the Yatir Forest, and more…

All of this, alongside a variety of attractions of the Israel Antiquities Authority:
Uncovering the ancient Roman Road – community excavation, a tour of the Roman Road, ruins of farm houses and strongholds all along it, “Allowed to Touch” workshop, “Secrets of the Hebrew Script” workshop, and more…

General details about the event
Mount Amasa
04/10/2020 | 18:00-23:00
05/10/2020 | 10:00-12:00
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Email| Address| Mount Amasa
Phone|08-8000210 / 106

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