10 Healing Spots Around the World, From Hot Springs to Salt Flats

By Perri Ormont Blumberg |

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 whilst sipping a glass of pinot grigio with your spouse on the balcony after your little one is dropped off at the kid’s club. And then there are capital-H Healing places of the enchanted ilk. These magical destinations, from mineral springs in the Empire State to primordial forests in Japan, fit the uppercase bill. Some may possess powers said to soothe various ailments, others may restore your spirits. Whatever the tonic on offer, expect magic at these 10 spots around the world — no pinot grigio required.

The Dead Sea, Israel

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Besides being absolutely breathtaking, this landlocked salt lake has long been touted for its health-giving properties. From slathering the black mud over your skin for exfoliation and alleviating skin conditions like psoriasis, to its professed natural power to remedy asthma, arthritis, osteoporosis, and other issues, the body of water also boasts a low content of pollen and other allergens. Another unique feature? At 400 meters below sea level, harmful UV rays are filtered through an evaporation layer above the Dead Sea, the ozone layer, and an extra atmospheric layer. This is said to mean that sunbathers can absorb the beneficial effects of vitamin D from the sun’s rays, without risk of sunburn and ensuing skin damage.


And lest we omit a little mythic tale, it’s also believed that Cleopatra journeyed here with her ancient Egyptian entourage to bathe in the waters and let the gentle waves do their thing. This healing ritual continues to modern times, as countless wellness seekers arrive at this site to pile on the storied mud.



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